Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings is a British manufacturer of luxury and high performance automobiles. Throughout its history, it was owned by different consortiums and automobile groups, until it was established in 2018 as a public, independent and open-capital company, which was later joined in 2020 by a consortium led by Canadian magnate Lawrence Stroll. , owner of 25% of its share package. This firm became part of the Premier Automotive Group division, the European representative of luxury and high-performance brands of the Ford Motor Company, which disappeared in 2008.

It was founded in 1913 by businessman Robert Bamford and pilot Lionel Martin, who started by producing small cars under the name Bamford & Martin Ltd. At that time, Martin was a renowned bicycle racer who ended up gaining notoriety by participating in the races. Aston Hill specials, in the vicinity of Aston Clinton. It was for this reason that in honor of these participations, the company built its first vehicle, which it called Aston Martin, combining a Coventry Simplex engine with an Isotta Fraschini chassis.1

After the departure of Bamford in 1920, Martin received financial support from Count Louis Zborowski, but after his death in 1924 and the subsequent bankruptcy of the company, he was forced to sell it to a consortium led by Dorothea Thorpe (wife of the Baron de Charnwood) and his son John Roby Benson, who were joined in 1926 by investors Augustus Bertelli and Bill Renwick, who ended up giving the company the definitive name of Aston Martin.

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