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Factory service manual for the Cadillac Eldorado 1963. The type of information contained in this workshop manual include general servicing, maintenance and minor repairs, advanced repairs and rebuild guides. Topics include Engine, Gearbox, Differential, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Interior Fittings, Exterior Fittings, Body Panels and Electrical Systems with wiring diagrams.

This is the original factory service workshop and repair manual, used in workshops by mechanics. It is a comprehensive informational book. From the manual you will have access to the most complete information on diagnosis, repair and maintenance used in official workshops. This information will help you repair your vehicle and perform maintenance yourself. Hundreds of information pages, work methods, electrical diagrams at your fingertips in a single download.


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Sixth generation (1963-1966)

The 1963 model adopts a new body, 6 the longest (5.66 meters (222.8 inches)) on the same chassis and a wheelbase of about 3.29 meters (129.5 inches). It was designed under the direction of Chuck Jordan characterized by the smooth sides of the body, without front fenders and elongated right windshield. The height of the fins is lowered again and the grid extends under the lights, with a peak in front even more pronounced. The rear door that receives a feature that resembles the front grille. A Cadillac emblem surrounded by a chrome laurel wreath has landed on the back of the rear spoiler and the inscription “ELDORADO” in capital letters is placed on the right edge of the trunk, as well as the low wings behind the front wheel. This model features a new engine under the hood, a V8 dated 1949 with a displacement of 6.4 liters, thanks to the lighter 23 kg (50.7 pounds). In 1964 there is a small change where the V8 engine changes to a displacement of 7 liters and develops 340 HP (254 kilowatts) at 3,600 rpm.

Stanley Parker puts Chuck Jordan at the forefront of the Cadillac style. He asks Wayne Kady to do a new facelift for the year 1965. The transformations produce features that completely change the front of the car like a vertical installation of double headlights, and further back with the cut of the fins. However, the trunk line follows a slightly inclined movement in relation to the wings before dropping sharply towards the tailgate, which gives a visual impression of the remaining fins.

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