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Factory service manual for the Chevrolet Malibu. The type of information contained in this workshop manual include general servicing, maintenance and minor repairs, advanced repairs and rebuild guides. Topics include Engine, Gearbox, Differential, Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Interior Fittings, Exterior Fittings, Body Panels and Electrical Systems with wiring diagrams.

This is the original factory service workshop and repair manual, used in workshops by mechanics. It is a comprehensive informational book. From the manual you will have access to the most complete information on diagnosis, repair and maintenance used in official workshops. This information will help you repair your vehicle and perform maintenance yourself. Hundreds of information pages, work methods, electrical diagrams at your fingertips in a single download.


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The Malibu is a medium-sized model (in the US) of Chevrolet. The model appeared in 1964 as a luxury version of the Chevelle. In 1978, it took on a life of its own, with the right to a family, composed of the sedan, the coupe and the station wagon. He retired in 1983, when he was replaced by Celebrity. He returned to the market in 1996 competing with Ford Taurus and its Japanese counterparts: Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, among other models. Malibu started to be sold in Brazil in 2010.

1978-1983 (Serie 1A):

For the 1978 model year, the name Malibu, which had been the best-selling “emblem” in the line, replaced the name Chevelle across the line. Between 1978 and 1983, the SS was not available as an option in the new Malibu. The only Chevrolet that had this option was the El Camino pickup, which was also part of the Malibu line. In 1980 a very strange version of the Malibu called M80 was launched, which had the particular mission of rejuvenating the car, which belonged to the era of muscle cars, a stage that had ended abruptly, due to the safety rules implemented by the government. This model was made only in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Muscle cars at that time were considered small light vehicles with few options, but loaded with a lot of power from their powerful engines. General Motors directed its chips to its NASCAR fans in the Darlington Raceway race. Until today, there are no records of production and sale of these models and it is not known if there are still units running.

After the Chevrolet Nova was discontinued, the Malibu four-door sedan took its place as the medium-sized law enforcement vehicle. Chevrolet specially prepared the Malibu 9C1 version for the police. Several companies have also decided to equip their fleets with these vehicles. In 1981, the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein ordered a fleet of Malibu Sedan vehicles from General Motors of Canada. Finally, these units had to be auctioned off, with a sharp price reduction, due to Iraq having canceled its order.

Starting in 1982, Malibu shared its redesigned platform with cars like the Pontiac Grand Prix, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and Buick Regal. This model was designed on the so-called General Motors G Platform, maintaining the rear traction. In that year, the Malibu Classic version was no longer produced, leaving only the four-door Sedan and Rural Malibu versions as optional. Malibu production was maintained until 1983, when it was replaced by Chevrolet Celebrity. All car models, sedan and country car, were removed from the assembly line, with the exception of the El Camino utility coupe, which remained in production until 1987.

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